Securing for Growth

Securing for Growth

In today’s highly internet dependent business world, security of your company’s information is vital. 

In this briefing we will be looking at digital health, security and how to build a strong foundation to enable business growth.

We will be exploring the responsibilities of board members from decision making on effective software to budgeting. Business decision makers don’t need to be technical experts, but they do need to be leaders.  

We’ll help you identify key areas of your business that can be secured, weaknesses in your current set up, how it can be safely tested, how these holes can be plugged and improve business productivity.

Boardroom Briefings Somerset House

Event Speakers

At Boardroom Briefings we diligently source and recruit the highest calibre experts across the industry to present. Our speakers are well known for their ability to take the often complex and break it down into clear simple practicable steps. 

For our upcoming briefing you will hear from Darren Kewley and Mark Lawton.