Powering the Modern Workplace

Today, digital transformation is taking centre stage as organisations envision and plan for the future, but…

Organisations cannot transform unless their people have the right tools, their environment is secure, and more importantly they understand how to leverage these tools. This session will arm you with what you need to know.

Business owners know their organisation’s biggest expense—as well as their most valuable asset—is its people. Making sure your teams are aligned and have access to the tools they need to be effective and secure from whichever location, on whichever device, is critical to their success and overall organisational productivity. 

This session will show how digital tools, such as Microsoft Teams and Unified Communications, aligned with effective teamwork, ensures you are making the most of your people, providing them with the tools they need to be safe and productive.

Event Speakers

At Boardroom Briefings we diligently source and recruit the highest calibre experts across the industry to present. Our speakers are well known for their ability to take the often complex and break it down into clear simple practicable steps. 

For our upcoming briefing you will hear from Darren Kewley and Mark Lawton.