Guest contribution: Why Cyber Security Strategy Should be Driven by the Board

This is a guest contribution from our speaker Daren Kewley, a cyber security specialist and Director and Co-Founder of cyber security company Protos Networks. Darren is a fully licensed assessor for the government backed Cyber Essentials scheme and has held senior positions at Unilever, Foreign and Commonwealth Office, and Verizon. Here Darren shares with us the importance of having board driven cyber security. Over the past few years, I have assessed and audited an eclectic mix of organisations against a number of cyber security standards. Time and time again, one thing sticks out to me like a sore thumb: the […]

Guest contribution: Security features of Microsoft 365

This week’s blog is a guest contribution from Mark Lawton, Director at Risc IT Solutions and one of our speakers. Before joining the team at Risc, Mark headed up Channel Partnership at Microsoft, specialising in Cloud & Productivity solutions. Today he’s sharing with us his top security features in Microsoft 365. As so many of our business operations are dependant on technology, it’s easy to think that protecting your business, and the security measures involved in doing that, are the responsibility of the IT department. Whilst IT does play a huge part in maintaining security, it’s not just your IT […]

Security for the modern workplace: How people affect cybersecurity

Security for the Modern Workplace

2018 saw Cyberattacks being recognised as a top 3 global risk in terms of likelihood for the first time ever, followed closely by data fraud and theft. Cybersecurity has become a global concern for businesses of all sizes. This is hardly surprising when we think about 2017’s mass cyberattacks, their victims, and the devasting effects. The WannaCry attack on the NHS halted 3000 appointments, an attack on Deloitte exposed 143 million customers’ data, and the Petya/NotPetya attack that rampaged throughout Europe caused a worldwide outage for shipping giant Maersk and broke the radiation monitoring system in Chernobyl. Cybersecurity has many […]