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Boardroom Briefings Boardroom Briefings

What are Boardroom Briefings?

Boardroom Briefings are small roundtable events designed to provide business decision makers with the knowledge needed to empower their decision making.

At our events you’ll hear from handpicked experts who deep dive into contemporary topics, to provide attendees with tailored actionable business insights.

Our sessions are tuned for businesses that typically employ between 50 and 500 staff. Each briefing is limited to a small group of no more than 12 people, meaning we can focus on the needs of your business and to ensure you get the most from our time together.

Planning for Growth Series​

In our latest briefing series, Planning for Growth in Todays Business Environment, we will be looking at the power available to you from today’s modern workplace processes. The challenges and opportunities these present and how, with the correct business planning, you can use these to grow your business by driving productivity.

The first two events of the series will consist of Securing for Growth and Powering the Modern Workplace where you will hear from industry experts who will cover the tools, processes and procedures, leaving you with clear, achievable steps to take back to your business.  

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In today’s highly internet dependent business world, security of your company’s information is vital. 

In this briefing we will be looking at digital health, security and how to build a strong foundation to enable business growth.

We will be exploring the responsibilities of board members from decision making on effective software to budgeting. Business decision makers don’t need to be technical experts, but they do need to be leaders.  

We’ll help you identify key areas of your business that can be secured, weaknesses in your current set up, how it can be safely tested, how these holes can be plugged and improve business productivity.


''The businesses with the best security strategy usually have senior management fully behind it.''​
Darren Kewley
Guest Speaker and Technical Director at Protos Networks

Today, digital transformation is taking centre stage as organisations envision and plan for the future.

Organisations cannot transform unless their people have the right tools, and more importantly understand how to leverage these tools.

Business owners know their organisation’s biggest expense—as well as their most valuable asset—is its people. Making sure your teams are aligned and have access to the tools they need to be as effective, from whichever location, on whichever device, is critical to their success and overall organisational productivity. 

This session will show how digital tools, such as Microsoft Teams and Unified Communications, aligned with effective teamwork, ensures you are making the most of your people and providing them with the tools they need to be productive.


''Anytime, anywhere access to data and applications makes employees more effective.''
Mark Lawton
Guest Speaker and Director at Risc IT Solutions